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Security is becoming more important as broadband and electronic infrastructure becomes more important. Failure of this infrastructure can lead to economic damage as well as massive public and private disruption. That's why we offer you to equip our rectangular Type ROM Box cable chambers with different locking systems in the manhole cover area, up to passive sensors, which are supplied without power to both occupied and uncovered fibers (dark fibers).
We are aware that there is no 100% certainty - neither against willful interference nor against other influences. But with the above measures we are on the right track.

Our cable chamber team will be happy to advise you.
Precious monitoring of valuable infrared optics:
Optomechanical sensors in combination with optical metrology solve, for example, when opening the manhole cover an alarm. The optical measurement with OTDR assigns the alarm with high precision to the associated chamber / sensor. With a cable chamber monitored by these sensors is always guaranteed that any unauthorized interference, as

  • vandalism
  • fibertaping
  • damage caused by construction equipment
  • rodent bites
  • theft

is immediately noticed in the sensitive infrastructure and can be directly responded to.
wdt_ID Article name Details
1 KSRB cap 50 50 mm plastic plug for ROM-Box
2 KSRB cap 110/40 110 50 mm plastic plug for ROM-Box
3 KSRB cap 160/110 160 50 mm plastic plug for ROM-Box
4 KSRB-CSS 51 Cup saw for ROM-Box, drill size 51 mm
5 KSRB-CSS 111 Cup saw for ROM-Box, cutting depth ca. 45 mm, drill size 111 mm
6 KSRB-CSS 161 Cup saw for ROM-Box, cutting depth ca. 45 mm, drill size 161 mm
7 AS ROM-Box SL Lift key for covers ROM-Box SL
8 US-3 ROM-Box SD Monkey Wrench for ROM-Box covers
9 Multiplex socket Multiplex socket joint ND 110 to ND 40 and ND 50
10 Sealing element 50 Bushing input, divisible for sealing element 50 mm