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Energy compensating chambers

Chambers with self-cleaning spherical bases

What you need to know
In strongly inclined areas (e.g. mountain drainage) the standard pipeline gradient results in very deep pipe trenches with short chamber intervals. The construction costs are usually uneconomical. Using pipelines that are installed parallel to the surface, mainly made of PE, is a better alternative. The high rates of flow occurring are reduced in energy compensating chambers that are placed about 100 to 200 meters apart. Applying above mentioned performance it is possible to apply shallow chambers and to downscale the cross-sections (also see pg. 39 for considerable reduction of number of chamber). In combination with welded PE-pipework this results in a flexible, leak-tight sewer pipe system that is actuated by longitudinal forces.

Spherical bottom DN 625, DN 800, DN 1000


Saving potential thanks to use of ROMOLD energy compensating chambers.
Round base for welding of PE-pipe connections as energy compensating or pressure line end chamber.

FREECALL 0800-ROMOLD-800 (0800-766653-800)