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Art has many faces...

...including the suspended chambers of Utrecht.


As well as art with paper and brush, Karin van Dam (born '59) also primarily creates art with materials that we are actually more familiar with on the construction site. Steel structures, rubber mats, building fences, wire-netting and cellular materials to name but a few.

The "Interfusion of these materials is inspirational and decisive for the end result: a large format spatial work of art." states van Dam. In this respect the materials used have lost their original function in order to acquire a new poetical expression.

Planning Freedom Serving Time

With ROMOLD you will enjoy complete planning freedom world-wide with more than 150 different types of standard chamber bases. Up till now exceptions included only prisons and other penitentiaries. ROMOLD has now put an end to that though. On the small river isle--Green Island--in Stockholm, there is zero tolerance behind the thick iron bars. At least that is the way it was at the beginning of the 20th century.

FREECALL 0800-ROMOLD-800 (0800-766653-800)