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Choose from our wide selection of cable chambers for both sealed and non-sealed applications.

Cable chambers made of PE and PP are used especially for electrical and fiber optic cables in the area of municipal lighting, signal systems and telecommunications. The allow for a quick and safe installation, a simple integration of cable conduits and an absolutely leak-proff deign if needed. 

ROMOLD cable chambers also provide custom-made solutions. Individual design according to customer preference are possible at all times.  


The use of plastics is the perfect alternative to traditional concrete chambers due to the durability of this material and its many advantages such as absolute leak tightness, high material quality and cost effectiveness. The chambers can be equipped with class D covers.

Worldwide largest facility for storing plastic chamber elements guarantees short delivery periods.

POLYETHYLEN – Polypropylen

The enviromentally friendly material fulfills all current standards and complies optimally with the wishes of processors with regard to its handling. ROMOLD uses 100 % new material.  PE and PP withstand chemical attacs, mechanical stress and abrasion over a long period of time. 

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