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ROMOLD – Your Partner in innovative chamber construction


ROMOLD is the European market leader for constructing sewage and cable chambers made of plastic. Plastic chambers are applied in the sewage water system, in the areas of water discharge, water supply, road drainage, sewer rehabilitation, pressure drainage as well as electro- and telecommunication.

The chambers in the underground remain unnoticed for most of the people, yet as ROMOLD GmbH launched the first industrially produced plastic chambers onto the market in 1992, it was no less than a minor revolution - as the former technology was literally cemented into people's minds. However the benefits in practice are so great that this innovative product soon took off making ROMOLD the European market leader for plastic chambers today.

ROMOLD only concentrates on chambers and is the only supplier that has specialised exclusively in the plastic chamber segment. This has enabled us to develop a level of in-depth expertise that is second to none. Our products and services are innovative down to the last detail. Many innovations, which are today state of the the art, have been developed by the engineers and employees of ROMOLD. The company manufactures to the highest quality standards; these are ensured by continuous internal and external inspection. As a matter of course the company is also certified according to EN ISO 9001 providing you the security always getting the best.

Come and profit from our special future-oriented chamber solutions!

Unsere Zentrale in Surheim
ROMOLD weltweit

Due to a long-term experience ROMOLD now presents to its clients a unique assortment of plastic chambers for each technical appliance.  With the worldwide largest range of products and due to the possibility of even smallest custom production ROMOLD can meet all customer needs. 

The owner-led company has sold more than a million chamber elements, offers a portfolio of more than 1000 standard products and is on an enduring course for success. When it comes to chambers: ROMOLD!

Germany facilities: Surheim und Teisendorf

CEO: Friedrich Ebner, Helmut Sonnleitner 

Founded: 1992 


ROMOLD central storage facility. The worldwide largest facility for storing plastic chamber elements guarantees short delivery periods.
The two warehouses in Teisendorf

FREECALL 0800-ROMOLD-800 (0800-766653-800)