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ROMOLD: innovator of Economic sewer network planning

For 25 years ROMOLD has been focusing exclusively on chambers. In addition to such innovations as the exterior ribs, climbing step systems, load-decoupled cover variants, the Triple-Safety-Seal technology, energy compensation chambers, etc., which have originated during this period, there have also been innovations in project cost optimization. This is best demonstrated by comparisons between conventional methods of laying and those optimised with ROMOLD technology.
ROMOLD work sites are distinguished by the fact that the chamber size is tailored to meet requirements (see drawing above). It does not always have to be a DN 1000 manhole.
Therefore ROMOLD recommends DN 625 chambers as inspection openings and DN 800 manholes (in accordance with DIN EN 476) for sites where there is a directional change (H < 3m). At junctions of main sewer lines we recommend manholes with a diameter of DN 1000.
Modern planning reduces construction costs. Our planning department is available to provide you with any support you may need.

modern, optimised ROMOLD sewage network

with the same functional capacity and maintenance possibilities as traditional sewage networks
black:  2 x DN 1000
blue:    7 x DN 800 (accessible)
red:     7 x DN 625

What means:

  • minimal component weight
  • high flexibility
  • reduction in material costs
  • DIN EN 476 compliant- 100% tight
  • less excavation
  • less filling
  • shorter construction time




traditional sewage network

16 x DN 1000


What means:


  • heavy equipment required
  • higher excavation costs
  • risk of corrosion
  • greater risk of leakage

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