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rectangular, modular, max. class d 400


What you need to know


The ROM-Box from ROMOLD is the ideal alternative to traditional concrete cable chambers. It combines the stability (class D 400) and standard dimensions of concrete systems with the flexibility and the quick and easy installation options of plastic systems.
The ROM-Box is used as a cable drawing chamber and cable distribution chamber.


Lightweight: Quick assembly, can be done by hand.
Modular system: Flexible sizes, for locating above cables that were previously installed.
Practicality: Pipe connections DN 40 – DN 160 come pre-assembled or can be made at the job site, can be separated because of a new clip system, continuous height- and incline compensation.
Chamber cover: Class B 125 and D 400 direct static load incl. locking mechanism. Class D 400 dynamic load via self-level system, incl. locking mechanism.

1) Height by product tables or by agreement 

2) Static version for general roadways; produced in Selflevel® System for roadways like main roads and gateways for large scale industry

3) Also available in waterproof version

4) For all rectangular, commercial chamber covers




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